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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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striking scenes out of oakland and yet another police crackdown this after protesters shut down the entire city and a general strike so was oakland becoming a symbol of occupy wall street and with different approaches from coast to coast will because see a split in the movement. and across the seas similar chance of discontent with protests in france as g twenty leaders gather to solve the world's problems with tensions running high due to a big fat greek debt and leaders really solve the global economic drama.
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and are the drums of war vidic some say western allies are gearing up for a military action against iran so just how likely is that. and there's a food was not made for walking as u.s. courts find russian businessman victor boot guilty of arms dealing with this case decided in the court of public opinion before the verdict was read. it's thursday november third four pm and washington d.c. i'm liz wall and girl watching our t.v. all occupy wall street protesters are heating up in oakland where protesters have successfully shut down the city's poor the demonstrations there turning chaotic.
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police clad in riot gear use here gas and fire helots up the crowd then are arresting demonstrators by the dozens at least or protesters reportedly injured and hot. but allies among those injured a man and woman headed by a mercedes take a look at the scene last night angry protesters swarmed the car conflicting accounts as to what exactly happened some say the driver plowed the current of the protesters others say the driver was provoked by activists pounding on the car and amid the strikes the violence the chaos oakland is shaping up to be a major hub for the occupy wall street movement with outsiders flocking to the california city artsy producer lucy cavanagh is right there in the middle of the action well actually the scene is fairly calm i check the walk around the perimeter and this morning most of the protesters are still sort of milling about a lot of folks are sleeping and we just see a lot of. workers struggling after the picking up trash from the massive sand off
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the rocks it yesterday evening for the street at the moment nothing really serious happening i think people are still trying to process what really went on yesterday and the huge contrast between the largely peaceful march that thousands of people out to the port of oakland to shut down the port of oakland contrast that with the unprecedented show force by the police department hours of the evening early hours this morning ok and it sounds like this is the calm after the storm of what happened last night and what led to police cracking down and resorting to violence . well you know it's that the strangest thing for me is that you we spent literally the entire day yesterday all in the presence or around in a different march as they went on culminating of course of the big. march in the port of oakland and and the one thing that really struck me is that we did not see any police officers i probably counted that to police officers on scooters
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escorting this giant march. which which i can this was a response to of course the heavy handed tactics because police officers arrested about one hundred people and injured the iraq war veteran scott olsen in the evening after everyone came back from their march there was a sort of jubilant apis tear people were celebrating and partying king smoking dancing in the streets most of the protesters were in fact calm but there were a certain sense of added you know they they felt their power they felt that they succeeded in this task and perhaps there was an understanding of energy that they didn't with you well what ended up happening is that protesters actually took over a foreclosed home they want to close or employ to take to reclaim foreclosed properties several of those protesters side it's pull out pieces of furniture out of this foreclosed homes barricade the street for a party. it was all going very well people were just celebrating it it really seemed like it was getting out of hand until all of
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a sudden at eighteen i counted on mark's right pants suddenly told about a block away inside where riot police officers in pulled here they all got out and sort of blockaded the street and stood information and very intimidating sight and i think what happened was the sight of that really sort of who go through both a lot of outrage by the registers who are very very curious that the police for the crackdown last week and some protesters lit pieces of furniture garbage cans on fire and that is when we started marching started shooting down tear gas they say that they didn't use rubber bullets one protester actually showed us for. feedback this is good and i thought material. that was pretty hefty to hold it looked like it could and that is essentially what went out there was that major clash of the protesters did run away about sixty people were arrested and what ensued was
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this those are four hour long standoff for these officers here most of the crowd stood their ground as it approached us or so as to be a very tense situation that eventually ended up but essentially peering out that out and so all of this is sort of story protesters injured and many arrests and that was our senior producer lizzy caplan are from the occupy wall street protests the occupy oakland police crackdown lucy has been traveling around the country tracking this growing movement for the lay of the very latest on what's going on you can follow in her footsteps on twitter at sea cap'n up meanwhile problems has a rage on in france as the world's most powerful leaders gather for the g. twenty summit the focus now on the escalating drama in greece european leaders talking about getting greece off the euro as an attempt to rescue the currency the possibility of a looming greek default now hanging over the g twenty summit world leaders are worried that such a default will send shock waves throughout the girl zone and the world sparking
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a global recession r.v. correspondent nice anally joins us now from cannes. world leaders are scrambling to come up with a plan to rescue greece what are the latest developments. things have been developing very quickly here in france and in europe and especially all lies in greece the greek prime minister going back and forth he was summoned on the eve of the summit here by merkel and nicolas sarkozy actually announced that they would have a referendum and let the people actually decide on whether or not they would make comments in order to receive the next batch of ballots from the i.m.f. and then it seems that behind closed doors there was very serious reprimands coming from the backbone so to say of the eurozone of course germany and france is what sarkozy calls themselves but also saying that it's greece's choice they can go ahead and have this referendum and then the prime minister went back to the country
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today and all of a sudden we heard rumors about him perhaps having going to announce his resignation and then it came out that that one happened that if they could come up with an agreement on finding a coalition that they would back up on the referendum and then all of a sudden word coming that they're not going to hold the referendum and they have been able to agree on coming up with some kind of coalition it's sort it's a mess it's a big mess it's completely hijack this summit emerging company emerging economies not blatant about it but certainly i have to be a little disappointed that at this euro crisis is taking over of course it affects them but not as much as the richest seven countries and especially those european leaders so all other issues pushed off the table everyone's talking about this euro crisis and then there's a confidence vote on the greek pm on friday and no one really knows where it's going to go and it depends of course who you ask get six think it's just moving the problem down the road that eventually greece will have to default euro cracks as
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they call them who very much think the euro has to be saved nicolas sarkozy calling it the beating heart of europe he is certainly a great defender of the currency saying that something has to be done we have to keep it alive and that's what they're trying to do but no concrete plan has so far been provided at least at this summit and as you mentioned before there seems to be a lot of flip flopping building around it's a mass over there any idea what's going on behind closed doors that's causing this change of heart. well that's the thing i mean if you look at it blatantly merkel and sarkozy very clearly on the eve of the summit said it's up to you you make your decision but really is that what they said i mean if you look at it a little more deeper in their words between the lines really what they said was either you play by our rules or you don't get the money and this morning there was a little bit of it seems conflict within the greek government because the greek
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prime minister basically defended his country's right to have their say in the future of their client their currency and certainly a lot of people feel that if that referendum went ahead it would have been a no vote that greece would have defaulted and would have laughed so euro zone so this kind of talk receive thing that greece is an independent country that it can do what it wants but at the same time pursuing very toughly on them in order to have them sway in the way that europe wants to have wants to have this go to save of course the girl and not have it like you said this contagion throughout the zone all right and then he said we've also been covering the protests that have been going on outside of the g. twenty summit what is the latest on that front are those press protests escalating or are they remaining stable. i think it's fair to say that each day they're becoming quieter and quieter the first day just before the summit there were tremendous. pictures look like ten tens of thousands of people gathered they were dispersed very light violence but still reminiscent of what's happening in the
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u.s. not as tough as some of the scenes scenes we've seen at occupy in new york and in oakland that lucy was talking about but certainly they said their solidarity with the occupy movement and they're calling for the same kinds of things that these emerging economies are calling for that the system the change they're being kept far away the first two days the protests were in nice about twenty five miles away from cannes and today they moved further down towards monaco we haven't heard any kind of reports of of violence or aggression or anything like that tomorrow they will be holding final press conference we want to hear how they feel these protests when i'm sure we'll hear more about their connection with occupy and there's probably parity with them but really i think what it comes down to is that these protests are very common when any of the g.'s the g. eight the g. twenty get together but this time around after all of these protests across the globe these leaders have to be talking about this behind these doors were before
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they could kind of not really pay attention to it they don't see them they don't hear them it's getting to a point where eventually they're going to have to take these protests into consideration for them into consideration i should say or they're going to get out of control and he said thank you so much for keeping us updated there in france that was our key correspondent and he's anally on the ground in cannes now there are fears that a crisis in greece will have a ripple effect on the global economy and sent countries spiraling into recession joining me now to talk more about this is lou rockwell chairman of the little eggs on the mice is institute. how much danger is the euro in at this point. i hope a lot of danger i mean i hope the euro goes out of existence the euro was a mistake was a centralizing mistake just like the european union itself is a mistake but i think it's important to clarify what the actual issue is here in greece and the euro and all that it's not that any other greece is being built that
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was like a bailout of greece it's the banks that are being there are the banks that hold the greek debt that bought this very risky debt paying you know basket interest rates expecting that they would be bailed out if greece couldn't pay so what this of this agreement is they want to harm the greek people to put the boot on the neck of the greek people and drag grind them into the dirt so the big banks can be repaid for all that's wrong we don't want that to happen if we want to rebuild on some kind of a us firm pro basis of prosperity not only in europe but in this country then the banks have to go i mean you cannot keep propping up these banks it's destroying the euro it's destroying the e.u. those two things i think are good but it's also destroying the the prosperity in the living standards of the people of europe and of the united states and of other places in the world so the banks are out of control the banks are course never mentioned in any of this we don't see we don't hear the banks being mentioned when they are when they're discussing this because that's all sort of the secret message
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and i think that we have to we have to focus on what is the trouble again also the whole question of contagion you know general motors goes out of existence not only does it not hurt the other automobile companies they're probably all having a party that they have less competition but the banks are all connected together they're all inherently bankrupt because of their fractional reserves no bank has everybody's money and it doesn't take a very large number of customers to abandon their money to put any bank out of existence were it not for central banks so the e.c.b. in europe the federal reserve in this country caused vast damage bring on rooms and dozens recessions and depressions in order to protect the banks so we. live in some kind of bangkok recy whether it's in europe or in this country we need to end that we need sound money we need honest banking we need an end to central banking and by the way it is all happening they may keep this going a little bit longer in europe but the banks are so out of control so leverage so in
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debt that the not enough money in the world really dislikes these these are dangerous and the monstrous institutions so they have to be reformed we need massive reform and maybe this is going to be happening it's the there is economic pain coming more pain we're already in pain we're already in a very serious recession in the u.s. and in europe too there's no recovery going on were things are getting worse so we only have a hope in really some kind of a serious reform it doesn't do the alcoholic any good to keep taking another bottle of liquor and a little there's going to be pain when he stops that's what's necessary and you had mentioned that you know the bad news is not good for the eurozone there but there is fear that if they don't rescue the euro that it's going to that confidence a recession. what it what's your response to that the continent is in a recession but be far better to have for example to go which mark back in existence which was
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a less crazy currency last input has problems all feed currencies all paper currencies but far better to have each individual country having their own their own individual currency then the so there's european wide currency there are some people john maynard keynes for example one of the world currency one of the bank or and there are some people who want to that would be even worse so we want to we want political decentralization monetary decentralization as long as we have a fee a currency if we had a gold standard then of course gold is exactly the same of the same weight and sinus whether it's industry long ago or luxembourg or venezuela that's actually what we'd like to have if we want real growth sound money. honest money and the government of the big banks and the other big institutions affiliated with governments ripping us are suddenly i found like you think the euro should be dropped just as a currency but right now the discussion is to drop greece from the euro zone do you
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think it fits that isn't about the interest of the eurozone to give greece the bit but i think it's probably in the best interest of greece not the greek establishment but of course as part of boston and threatened i'm sure that will not agree it was meeting in the g twenty that had him on the rack and they were turning in the wheel and and the some screw on him and all the rest that's of course the way these people operate but i think it is in the interest of the people of europe of the individual countries of europe that the that the euro go out of existence that each country has its own it's so corrupted then you have germany being far sounder luxembourg being for a sounder austria being far sounder than than greece or portugal or spain or whatever as well that could change of course everybody can get sounder but decentralization is the way to this european central bank controlled by these durak rats in brussels who more and more is setting up an authoritarian regime trying to run every aspect of everybody's life in every country just like by the way the us government does it here was not a good thing to have a big centralized government in the us it's not
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a good thing to have it in in europe either we need decentralisation breakup freedom honest money some money on this bank great that is all the time we have that was a little rockwell chairman of the liberal. and satanic. and the drums of war against iran are beating loud as the country comes under suspicion for growing their nuclear enrichment program that's off their report released by you plans nuclear watchdog which supposedly shows evidence of iranian nuclear activities and the u.k. is prepping for its military action and it's believed the u.s. is gearing up for the possibility of war against iran as well so listen attack on iran on the horizon to help me answer just that is policy director for the national iranian american council jim all. they're all thanks for joining us so we took a military action in libya now that gadhafi is dead is iran the next target well i would argue that what we've seen is actually more bluster and
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a real threat of military action. the u.n. nuclear watchdog agency has not yet released its report but this is coming ahead of a renewed push to get security council sanctions against iran. ok so you're saying we haven't seen the report it hasn't even been released but we are getting some indication of what is in the report which it would show is evidence of iran expanding their nuclear enrichment program what do you make of that report well the report doesn't actually to my knowledge or to anybody else's who has who is speculating on it there is not present any new evidence it's unclear whether this is more evidence from pretty two thousand and three or you know if there are new activities but it's most people are saying there's not a lot of new evidence. new tone it puts forward some some details that have been discussed previously by the way but really this is a lot of of change in tone to increase the pressure and
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aside from military intervention iran is looking at this fresh as you just mentioned a set of sanctions from the u.s. you say that these. are actually against the u.s. president can you elaborate on that well so the president is working to get more sanctions potentially at the u.n. but here at home the president's actually facing new legislation in congress that is being called sentients but it would actually bind a lot of his options there's a building just went for in the house yesterday that would make it illegal for the president or for any u.s. officials to meet contact with iranian officials without getting congressional approval fifteen days in advance and this sort of unprecedented we haven't seen a president actually told. that congress trying to you know regulate the actions of our own president well the motive is really to build a wall between the u.s.
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and iran and any potential diplomatic outreach sort of one legislative break at a time so if this bill becomes law there's no chance for diplomacy we have our sanctions or war and it's really a narrowing of those options that we're seeing this is the motivation for that bill and the president's trying to do is actually go to the u.n. get sanctions there and potentially stave off the pressure at home so that he has more options with which to deal with working. in the wake of this new information coming out from this report at this point would you say that war with iran is inevitable it's not inevitable there's a way out of war and that would be a diplomatic resolution but it's going to take some serious investment in talks are we seeing so far as the president he came into office promising to change course to break with the bush administration to do some serious outreach to iran but because the domestic situation he wasn't able to invest in that for more than a year before he went back to the sentients bush so now we see we're back on the bush directory we're back on this is actually now that we are back on this bush
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trajectory i mean how optimistic are you that this can be resolved through nonmilitary means well i'm as optimistic about that as i am that the president can actually go back to his promise of two thousand and eight and invest in the poem. see him actually put forward some initiatives with iran not to call for it's going to happen before the elections because he's facing pressure you know for not being close enough with israel that's coming along only from the right wing that's an attack on the president but potentially after the election or even if he summons the courage before then i'm confident that will have your could be reached this is going to take some serious work ok thank you so much to all for your thoughts on this that was a gem all of the policy director for the national iranian american council. well the man dubbed the merchant of death now faces a life behind bars after a jury found him guilty of being a weapons dealer it's to terrorist organizations and there is a lot of controversy surrounding the trial questions about whether or not russian
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business the russian businessman boot had a fair trial whether it was legal for him to be extradited from thailand to the u.s. r.t. correspondent as an honest. well except the greater implications of the verdict in this case. years spent by the u.s. to hunt down one russian man tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer cash were going to a sting operation snatched up from a third country for months of solitary confinement before a three week trial in the u.s. allegedly arms dealer victor was found guilty on all four charges one conspiring to kill united states nationals two conspiring to kill united states officers and employees three conspiring to use an acquire and so aircraft missiles and for conspiring to provide material support to the stork the forty four year old russian
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air cargo of businessmen fascinated hollywood one of our own original people. you know record. i don't know any other over. bhoot lost his case in the court of u.s. public opinion long before his trial kicked off raising concerns of the fairness of his trial this is the lord of war. the merchant of death right and you've got him in your hands spread he's in custody it's a great feeling u.s. officials were relentless in their efforts to get behind bars the so-called merchant of death is now a federal inmate american agents posing as farkle members a colombian group deemed terrorist in the u.s. but not by many other countries and the u. when met with and then arrested in thailand in two thousand and eight after twice being found not guilty by thai courts the u.s. reportedly play dirty arm twisting thailand into extraditing him to america they're willing to flawed every international law to get what they want and that means
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doing all these illegal things in the case of the extradite him or i should say kidnapping would family also called us actions entrapment and kidnapping the full sky i can accept the possibility that they might have some information that might be of interest to someone but why is it that other countries don't just think to themselves that there is someone who has some interesting information and why don't those government just try goes people on to their territory moscow's request to send him to russia were brushed aside there was no official decision of an extradition russia called boots extradition illegal and question the validity of his conviction one of the main arguments of the defense that the u.s. lacked jurisdiction was ignored by the court what's different says the russian was aware that he was not in touch with real fark members and all he was trying to do was sell to all the cargo planes we could appeal to this judge. that the verdict was rendered against the weight of the evidence that we could also proceed to the
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united states court of appeals but with the vigor with which booth was brought to the u.s. experts like george now who has attended ivory hearing say a successful appeal is unlikely we're the magic crimes manufactured jurisdiction and manufactured evidence relentless was you know basically the cat's record brings america. right. necessary the journalist says is one of many victims of u.s. judicial power play a field of victor and to take the charges that were brought against him that he's innocent so you know i don't i don't want any innocent man or whether it be russian citizen because we were troika. centers right or crying at the troops why should you worse that is a criminal in this case. the actions currently carried out by the u.s. special services are an organized probation organized crime towards a russian citizen or any other citizens of the world when nations have deemed them
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allegedly dangerous it doesn't even have to be specific action moscow has vowed to continue to push for boots returned to russia victor good has always maintained his innocence and will keep fighting for justice but with us muscles flexed tight to keep him in an american prison is facing from twenty five years to life behind bars the sentencing will come in february and r.t. new york. all of those are for now for more of the stories we cover check out our year two pages you tube dot com slash artsy america you can also follow me on twitter at liz wahl be sure to stay around here on r t up next it's counted all account but laura unless they're out there weeks of protecting protesting and a police crackdown in oakland the occupy wall street movement has yet to see any real policy change coming up lauren we'll speak to a one person who thinks he has some solutions for now i'm liz wahl.
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